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Metlakatla Seniors Housing, Prince Rupert BC


With our strong connection to First Nations & Indigenous Peoples we help create meaningful opportunities for the future.

Our approach begins from the perspective of its impact on the community and people. This is particularly important when building and designing projects that will serve First Nations & Indigenous Peoples and the surrounding communities.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many First Nations communities in B.C., and we have learned to respect the distinct culture and pride within each Nation. While working throughout most of British Columbia and the Yukon, we’ve had the pleasure of being in many communities and territories each with their own unique challenges, opportunities and beauty. While working year round through the extreme winters in the north and heavy rain and wind on the coast, we have gained valuable experience and respect towards Mother Earth. We strive to enrich each community we work in by jointly offering and developing education and training opportunities. Our clients benefit from our ability to extend all training, employment opportunities and tax advantages that are available for First Nations projects.

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